Direction: Our Guidance System

is quite a simpe concept. It simply refers to the concept of whether we are going toward or away from that which is true, and therefore that which is good for us in our lives. This dynamic applies to us individually and collectively. When we are headed in the right direction, our lives begin to flow without strife and opposition. When we are mis-guided, headed in the wrong direction to that which is good and true, we part1-06-directionsuffer. It really is that simple.

The way to determine our directional heading in life is equally simple. We only need to ask ourselves a couple basic questions and make a few basic observations. These are the following:

  • Individually and collectively, are we moving toward the expression of the Polarity of Love, (expanded Consciousness and Awareness) and therefore toward Goodness, Order and Truth, or are we moving deeper into the expression of the Polarity of Fear (the contraction and shutdown of Consciousness), and therefore toward Evil and Chaos?
  • Based on our available knowledge of ourselves and the world in which we live, we must make an honest appraisal of where we stand as a whole. From where have we come? Where are we now? Where are we headed?
  • We must realize the significance of understanding our true origins. An accurate understanding of the past can greatly help us to orient our direction for the future.
  • Most important and significant of all, our very Compass for Direction, our moral compass, is our Emotions, the Sacred Feminine of the Triune aspect of Self. We should never seek to numb out our Emotions, for they are the bridge between our Thoughs and our Actions, and as such they are a buffer between what we think about ourselves and others, and the subsequent behavior that we enact into the world. Quite simply, our emotions are the most important determining factor to the type of world we are creating. Our Emotions serve as our moral and Directional Compass in life. We are meant to feel our Emotions deeply, and integrate them into our experiences of daily living.

Keeping these factors in mind and answering the questions posed above with complete honesty is, in point of fact, the methodology we should employ in order to determine our Direction, as individuals and as a species.