Get The A.R.K. (Amazing Repository Of Knowledge)

Get The WHOLE Picture.

big pictureYou ship me a 1 TB Hard Drive. I fill it with information and ship it back to you. It's that easy. Then you'll have at your fingertips ALL the information you need to understand what is happening in our world, ALL IN ONE PLACE! No need to endlessly search the Internet. How much would THAT be worth to you?

I have been online since the days before the World Wide Web became popular. Since that time, I began collecting, studying and archiving information about our world and the events that have been occurring in it. I never left it to chance that information I came across during my search would always be available online. So, whenever I found something that I thought was worthwhile, I downloaded it and backed it up offline. As you can imagine, this much data archiving would result in an enormous amount of material. Quite frankly, it would be hard for me even to describe the amount of information I have pulled from this repository of knowledge and experience that we call the Internet.

Years ago, a friend asked me if I could place the best material that I had collected onto a hard drive for him, so that he could browse it and study it according to his interests, and at his pace and leisure. I said yes, and began the task of collecting the best data that I had gathered into a huge digital library, and copied it onto the 1 TB hard drive that my friend provided. I then thought, why not share this information by making it available to anyone who wants it?

This is the A.R.K. offer. A terabyte of digital information in the form of video, audio, and books. You only need to supply a 1 TB external hard drive, available today for as little as $50. You ship the drive to me, and I will ship it back to you, filled with valuable and empowering information on just about every significant topic you can imagine.

arkThe A.R.K. drive consists of over 1,800 video files, almost 8,000 digital books, and over 20,000 audio files. These files will always be available to you for offline browsing, playback and study, with no internet connection required to access any of the data on the drive. You may then "pass it along" by sharing any or all of this information with anyone you wish.

In this unique time in human history, this is my unique offer to you. To take me up on this great opportunity to preserve and proliferate human knowledge and wisdom, please contact me first at the email link below, before sending a hard drive.

Thank You!

Mark Passio


Do NOT attempt to give Mark a hard drive in person.

A.R.K. can ONLY be received by following Mark's shipping instructions,
which will be emailed to you after you request them using the email link below.

The A.R.K. shipment process is a pre-determined process,
so w
hen requesting the instructions, do NOT ask Mark for any special shipping arrangements,
regardless of where in the world you happen to live.

If you ask for any special shipping arrangements in your email request for the A.R.K. shipping instructions,
the shipping instructions for the A.R.K. offer will NOT
be emailed to you.

The A.R.K. shipping instructions are NOT negotiable, so after receiving the instructions,
do NOT write to ask Mark for ANY special shipping arrangements.

Do NOT change the subject line generated by the email link.

Click this email link to request shipping instructions for the A.R.K. Drive offer.