WOEIH Donation Gifts Now Accepts Bitcoin As A Donation Method

As of Friday, April 21, 2017, What On Earth Is Happening Donation Gifts has begun to accept Bitcoin as a donation option. Just choose Bitcoin as the Donation Method when checking out. I've been an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency in general) since its inception. If you are not familiar with Bitcoin or have any reservations about starting to use it, my suggestion would be to just get started with it and put any unfounded fears behind you. The way I see it, any fiat currency that isn't directly controlled by the Federal Reserve System is better than the one that is. You can open a bitcoin wallet at Coinbase.com, Copay.ioBitpay.com, or at any of the many reliable online Bitcoin exchanges. It's actually quite easy to send and receive Bitcoin once you start doing it.
– Mark Passio
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